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      Take on - Take On
      Kilinama - Take On
      End of a beautiful day - Take On
      Butterfly - Take On
      Afro Dance - Take On

Product Description

The 2007 album of Djabe is a worthy continuation of the band’s traditions and the values represented by them so far. The composing ability of Tamás Barabás integrates all the talent of the members of the band, creating a new quality by that. The compositions are fresh, unique, still sound familiar. World music form Hungary, Azerbaijan, approaching jazz from different ways in a specific execution. The members of the band play in their finest fettle. This album is the final work of András Sipos, singer and percussionist, since he almost entirely finished the recordings before his death. His singing misses from three songs…
As we could get used to, great guest artists regularly participate on the Djabe albums. Herewith there are even two sax-players perform on the album. One of them is Ben Castle from England, who is a regular participant of the Djabe albums, and John Nugent from USA, who plays together with the band for the first time. A particular variety is the play of the world-famous master of tar-player, Malik Mansurov from Azerbaijan in the tune Kilinama. The composition Wind and Bell converts into Gipsy music at the end. Sándor Budai and his band represents a surprising turn in the world of Take on.

The DVD-Audio side of the album contains the whole music MLP 5.1, 2.0 and the DVD-Video side in DTS 5.1 and PCM stereo too. Video extra is: 50 minutes concert footage, recorded at the Debrecen Jazz Days in Hungary. That was the last performance of Sipi with the band, just before a week before his unexpected death.
„Unexpected, unique and fun!” (Jeff Spevak, Rochester City News, USA) >>

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