Djabe: Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya DVD-Audio


DVD-Audio, NTSC, DVD10

One year after Hungarian Music Award-winning ‘Witchi Tai To’, the new album ‘Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya’ instantly became an audience favorite and received favorable criticism. Line-up of András Sipos (vocal, percussion), Ferenc Muck (saxophone), Tamás Barabás (bass guitar) and Attila Égerházi (guitar) produced it’s third studio album building on the musical world of ‘Witchi Tai To’.

This is one of the most exiting surround release in the history of Djabe. Besides the album tracks in 24/96 MLP lossless stereo and surround, it contains video and audio extras too. The DVD-Audio authoring made by Neil Wilkes in London. >>

Product Description

      Djabe - Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya - Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya
      Djabe - Caravan - Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya
      Djabe - Final Word - Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya
      Djabe - Klunklung - Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya
      Djqabe - Above the Skies - Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya
      Djabe - Bali Waves

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