Djabe & Steve Hackett – When The Sound Turns Sweet (2 x LPR90 2 track master tape)


Released 10th May 2024 at the HighEnd Munich2024


2 track master tape, 15 ips, NAB metal reel, IEC, RTM LPR90

Every year Djabe & Steve Hackett impress jazz and progressive rock fans with more and more cohesive and powerful performances. The 2023 tour has once again delivered some surprises. The most attention-grabbing of these was the interpretation of the Genesis song Carpet Crawlers, sung fantastically by Péter Kaszás behind the drums. Listening to the whole concert, we feel that the parts are coming together more and more. The musicians and the songs from the repertoire of Djabe, Djabe & Steve Hackett, Genesis and Steve Hackett form an inseparable unit. The musicians perform Camino Royale, Ace Of Wands, Buzzy Island, Last Train To Istanbul and Los Endos with elemental power and energy. These are beautifully counterpointed by lyrical compositions such as Franciska, Horizons, Tale, Hairless Heart, Firth Of Fifth. And jazz fans will not be left unsatisfied either: in Could Have Been or Central European Time, the musicians of Djabe prove that they are without a doubt the leading musicians of the Hungarian jazz scene.

The album was recorded at the closing concert of the 2023 tour in Timisoara on 20 June. At the sold-out concert, the audience of the Banatul Filarmonia cheered the musicians and the performance with continuous applause and many standing ovations.

Product Description



Steve Hackett – guitar, vocal, harmonica
Tamás Barabás – bass guitar, vocal, guitar,
Attila Égerházi – guitar, vocal, percussion
Péter Kaszás – lead vocal, drums
Áron Koós-Hutás – flugelhorn, trumpet
Zoltán Bubenyák – keyboards


Before 04:58
Camino Royale 10:02
Horizons 03:15
Buzzy Island 11:29
Ace Of Wands 06:23
Franciska 05:39
In That Quiet Earth 05:59

Tale 06:42
Stars And Moonbeams 07:38
Hairless Heart 02:32
Firth Of Fifth 04:24
Carpet Crawlers 05:12
Last Train To Istanbul 06:44
Los Endos 09:26
Misty Blues 07:57

The show from Timisoara can be seen in full length on youtube:


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