Djabe & Steve Hackett – Back To Győr DVD


DVD, GR-172-5

Released 21 June 2024

After a 2-year hiatus caused by COVID-19, the 2022 Djabe & Steve Hackett tour was revelatory, and the Live in Győr album was released on Blu-ray, 2CD, LP and 2 track master tape formats from its closing stop in Győr. Thanks to the success of the show, the band was invited to the Richter Hall in 2023 once again. The concert program has changed significantly compared to the 2022 set list. The most interesting addition to the program was the song “Carpet Crawlers” by Genesis with the excellent lead vocal of Péter Kaszás. Several recordings of Djabe’s Before album were also included, of which Steve contributed to many compositions. A video and audio recording was also made of this performance, which fans can especially enjoy, because the joint production of Djabe and Steve is getting stronger and forms an increasingly organic unit. According to many, this was the band’s best tour to date.
The producer duo Attila Égerházi – Tamás Barabás selected a 92-minute double LP from the concert program, giving preference to compositions that have not yet been released on previous albums. Tthe entire 2-hour concert can be found on the DVD. The concert film can be listened to in high-resolution 24-bit/48 kHz wav stereo and 24-bit/96 kHz DTS surround sound.

Steve Hackett guitar, vocal, harmonica
Péter Kaszás lead vocal, drums
Tamás Barabás bass guitar, vocal, guitar
Attila Égerházi guitar, percussion, vocal
Áron Koós-Hutás trumpet, flugelhorn
Zoltán Bubenyák keyboards

special guests
Tibor Karvaly violin (Set 1/6, 7, 8, Set 2/3, 10)
Csaba András Dr. Dézsi guitar (Set 1 / 6, 7)

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Mysterious Tower (Barabás)
Could Have Been (Barabás)
Before (Barabás–Szőke)
Camino Royale (Hackett)
Horizons (Hackett)
Déjà Vu (Égerházi–Karvaly)
Distant Dance (Égerházi)
Buzzy Island (Barabás–Briem–Égerházi–Hackett–Koós-Hutás)
Ace Of Wands (Hackett)
Franciska (Barabás–Szőke)
In That Quiet Earth (Banks–Collins–Hackett–Rutherford)


Polish Market (Barabás)
Central European Time (Barabás)
Tale (Égerházi)
Stars And Moonbeams (Barabás–Jo Hackett)
Hairless Heart (Banks–Collins–Gabriel–Hackett–Rutherford)
Firth Of Fifth (Banks–Collins–Gabriel–Hackett–Rutherford)
Carpet Crawlers (Banks–Collins–Gabriel–Hackett–Rutherford)
Last Train To Istanbul (Hackett–Lehmann–King)
Los Endos (Banks–Collins–Hackett–Rutherford)
Misty Blues (Égerházi–Hackett)


Back To Győr documentary

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