Djabe: 20 Dimensions – 4 track reel-to-reel tape


4 track, 19 cm/s, 18 cm, printed box, RTM LPR90 tape

2016 studio album of the band celebrating its 20th Anniversary

The studio album of 2016 made in the innovative spirit accustomed to Djabe. Compared to the previous album ‘Forward’ recorded in tandem with the Miskolc Symphonic Orcestra ‘20 Dimensions’ emphasize on the acoustic and fusion vein of the band, with added modern electronica. The disc features 20 tracks or dimensions with a framed structure. At the beginning formulates the basics of dimensions, the concept of the album while the final, no. 20 track colligates with a philosophic view and the angle for continuation. Records composed by Tamás Barabás and Attila Égerházi are interconnected by 9 improvisations (Transition 1 to 9). These improvisations feature not only the work of the band members but of Malik Mansurov (tar) and Sára Kovács (didgeridoo, flute). Compositions of Tamás Barabás have the vigorous and sweeping characteristics accustomed to the artist, while those made in tandem with Attila Égerházi summon the lyric tone of the first period of Djabe history.Musicians:

Attila Égerházi – guitar, guitar synth, klang drum
Tamás Barabás – bass guitar, guitar, synth program
Zoltán Kovács – piano
FerencKovács – trumpet, violin, flugelhorn
Szilárd Banai – drums
guest musicians
Steve Hackett – guitar
Malik Mansurov – tar
John Nugent – saxophone
Ben Castle – saxophone
Tibor Mótyán – tabla
Sára Kovács – didgeridoo, flute
Hans Peterson – narration

Tack List

Scientific Foreword
Sensitive World
Transition 1
Sunday Afternoon
Transition 2
Transition 3
Space Castle
Transition 4
Waves From The System
Transition 5
Transition 6
Area 87
Transition 7
Klang Song
Transition 8
Come Here
Transition 9
Out of Dimensions

4 track, 19 cm/s, 18 cm, printed box, RTM LPR90 tape

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