DATE: 2018
TIME: 19:00
LOCATION: Budapest, Hungary
Sipi tribute night January 27 2018
András Sipos, musician and performer, a founder of Djabe. Commemorating him, his musician friends and co-founders of Djabe, on January 27, 2018. 10 years ago, well in the peak of Djabe, he passed away with a tragic suddenness. The spirit, art and intellect of his are still with us, today. We would like to take a break from the rush of everydays, stop and remember him – with music and motion pictures. On this night we show recordings never seen before. The event will take place at the upper parlour of the Lánchíd Pub. The event is open for everyone, without the need for tickets or entry fee. We would like if many would join us. On this tribute night all Djabe and Novus Jam releases will be available that features Sipi in sound or picture.
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