DATE: 2022
TIME: 20:30
LOCATION: Olomouc, CZ, Djabe & Steve Hackett
Djabe show Steve Hackett online participation – The Journey Continues Tour, Olomouc 20th August 2022

Guitarist Steve Hackett, member of Genesis, one of the most influential rock band of all time, has a friendship of 20 years with Djabe founder Attila Égerházi. Since 2003 Steve actively participates on Djabe’s live shows and albums as a guest musician. In the last 3 years 4 joint releases made reality and acclaimed global success for the unique line-up: Steve Hackett & Djabe: Summer Storms And Rocking Rivers (2017), Djabe & Steve Hackett: Life Is A Journey – The Sardinia Tapes (2017), Djabe & Steve Hackett: Life Is A Journey – The Budapest Live Tapes (2018) and Djabe & Steve Hackett: Back To Sardinia (2019) are all global releases by the famous Cherry Red Records, England.

In 2016 Steve and Djabe traveled to Sardinia and built a temporary recording studio in the neighborhood of the 1000-year old Nostra Signora di Tergu cathedral to do a 3-day improvised session. These sessions were inspired by the beauty and culture of the island, recorded onto 24-track analogue tapes, constructed and produced into compositions by Tamás Barabás, bass guitarist, composer and sound engineer, in Hungary after the trip. The Life Is A Journey – The Sardinia Tapes album breaks down genre walls between progressive rock, jazz and world music, and can be characterized as “instrumental progressive rock”.

After releasing Life Is A Journey – The Budapest Live Tapes (2018), recorded at the 2017 album premiere, Djabe returned to Sardinia in July 2019 and made a sequel. This time Steve did his parts in Budapest while on tour with the Djabe & Steve Hackett line-up in August 2019. This album, Djabe & Steve Hackett: Back To Sardinia released in December 2019 on CD/DVD, 2LP and 4-track reel-to-reel, and available for download and streaming.

On the Djabe & Steve Hackett 2021 Tour they will play plenty of compositions from the Sardinian albums, but as always Genesis, Steve Hackett and Djabe classics will also be performed.The line-up brings an amalgam of styles: jazz, world music and progressive rock elements are all there, made into a real unique musical experience, both per composition and as a whole set. The tour will cover Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary:

Steve Hackett (guitar, vocal)

Tamás Barabás (bass)

Attila Égerházi (guitar, percussion)

János Nagy (keyboards)

Áron Koós-Hutás (trumpet, flugelhorn)

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