Djabe / Steve Hackett: Sipi benefit concert 2CD
ARTIST: Djabe ft. Steve Hackett
Djabe / Steve Hackett: Sipi benefit concert 2CD

Djabe is the No1 Jazz/World fusion band of Hungary. In 2007 they organized a charity concert for their late percussionist Andras Sipos, as they call him, Sipi’s family. Their long time friend, the former Genesis guitar player helped out to fully pack the concert venue in Budapest. Steve was on stage more than two hours, and not only played in the Djabe tunes, but also has an own acoustic medley.

„A triumph homage”

„Djabe said farewell to András Sipos in a 4-hour monstrous concert. Several guest artists appeared, including actors and musicians, with the special guest, Steve Hackett, whom I have never before seen playing with such happiness. … they had never been better than on this night. I have never seen them playing so well, it was a fabulous show…”


Djolé (Sipos)

Táncolnak a kazlak (Égerházi – Barabás) 
Doromb (Barabás) 
Clouds Dance (Barabás – Égerházi) 
First Step (Barabás – Égerházi) 
Thiérachei emlék (Barabás) 
Acoustic Medley (Steve Hackett) 
Above the Skies (Égerházi – Barabás) 
Jégvilág (Barabás) 

Somogyi áldásos (Kovács Ferenc)

Band intro 
Omachulé (Barabás) 
Szemrehányás (Barabás – Égerházi) 
Hajdúböszörményi utcarész (Barabás – Égerházi)
Distant Dance (Égerházi) 
Fátyol Mögött (Barabás – Égerházi) 


Sipos András – percussion, vocal
Steve Hackett – guitar
Égerházi Attila – guitar, percussion
Barabás Tamás – bass guitar, derbouka
Kovács Ferenc – trumpet, violin, vocal
Kovács Zoltán – keyboards
Banai Szilárd – drums
Dresch Mihály – soprano and tenor saxopnone, flute
Balogh Kálmán – dulcimer
Said Tichiti – vocal, gembri, djembe, derbouka
Budai Sándor – violin
Németh Ferenc – vocal

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