Göbölyös N. László – Djabe 20 év szabad hangjai

The book introducing the first 20 years of Djabe got published. On 344 pages, with nearly 900 color photos and a hard cover, all of these books are numbered by hand by band leader Attila Égerházi personally.

All the band members’ personal stories gets told in the book, giving a deep insight to Djabe never seen before. Readers can get acquainted with the band’s unique musical portfolio, known and renowned world-wide. Author László N. Göbölyös, a journalist, music enthusiast, Djabe fan for life and close friend to the band, was present at almost every imortant milestone. Numerous relevant Hungarian and and foreign criticisms of records and tours are quoted on the pages. As  a ’key witness’ of Djabe life achievements, his personal knowledge and journalistic prowess the author succeded in writing a book both insightful and easy to read. Everyone interested in 20 years of a dream come true, and enthusiastic about Hungarian musicians reaching for international recognition will enjoy the book greatly. For providing the most complex reader’s experience the book contains an order-form with a 50 to 80 percent offer for any and all Djabe releases. The publisher expected many readers to own previous but not every Djabe releases and provided a method for customers to expand their collection, as a musical extension of the reading experience. All order, irrespectively of quantity, comes with a gratis Slices of Live DVD release of Djabe.
Currently the book is only available in Hungarian.

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