Djabe & Steve Hackett – The Journey Continues Tour 2022

Augusztus 17. – Vienna, Porgy & Bess, A
Augusztus 18. – Budapest Jazz Club, HU
Augusztus 19. – Debreceni Egyetem, Liszt Terem, HU
Augusztus 20. – Olomouc, Bounty Rock Cafe, CZ
Augusztus 21. – Győr, Richter Terem, HU

Tickets purchased for the original 2020 concerts (later postponed to 2021, then for 2022) are still valid.


Guitarist Steve Hackett, a key member of one of the most significant bands in rock history, Genesis, has a nearly 20-year long working relationship with Djabe. Since 2003, Steve has contributed countless times to the band’s performances and albums. Their 6 joint releases over the last five years have brought greater international success than ever before to this unusual formation. Steve Hackett & Djabe: Summer Storms And Rocking Rivers (2017), Djabe & Steve Hackett: Life Is A Journey – The Sardinia Tapes (2017) and Djabe & Steve Hackett: Life Is A Journey – The Budapest Live Tapes (2018), Djabe & Steve Hackett: Back To Sardinia (2019), Djabe: The Magic Stag (2020) and Djabe & Steve Hackett: The Journey Continues (2021) were released globally under the auspices of the internationally prestigious English record label Cherry Red Records. . Each publication has sold thousands of copies worldwide and has achieved outstanding success in the United States, Japan, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

In the summer of 2016, Steve Hackett travelled to the island of Sardinia with Djabe musicians, where an impromptu sound studio was set up next to the more than 1000-year-old church of Nostra Signora di Tergu. Here they started and ended 3 days with joint music. Between recordings, they were inspired by the beauties and culture of the island. The recordings were made on a 24-track analogue tape, which were made into compositions in Budapest by Djabe’s bass guitar player and composer Tamás Barabás. The resulting material, Life Is A journey – The Sardinia Tapes blurs the boundaries between progressive rock, jazz and world music with its novelty, and is best defined by the adjectives instrumental and progressive.

The material of the concert album Djabe & Steve Hackett: The Journey Continues, released on May 28 2021, was recorded at the final stop of their 2019 concert tour of the same name, in Nyíregyháza. This excellent sound and video recording is available in a variety of formats: 2CD / DVD, 2LP and quarter-track tape, and on all digital platforms.

The Djabe & Steve Hackett 2022 tour set-list is based on Sardinian recordings, but as usual, Genesis, Steve Hackett and Djabe classics are also featured on the show. They will also play from The Magic Stag album. In its way of performing, the band combines the virtues of jazz, world music and progressive rock genres, forming a special mixture of the totality of the tracks, but even in terms of a single composition.

Steve Hackett – guitar, vocal
Tamás Barabás– bass guitar
Attila Égerházi– guitar, percussion
Ábel Nagy– keyboards
Áron Koós-Hutás– trumpet, flugelhorn
Gábor Oláh– drums

International reviews

„One of the best fusion bands of the world.” – John Nugent, producer of Rochester International Jazz Festival, USA
“Djabe is one of the best working fusion bands in the world today.”
Kent Sangster, Edmonton International Jazz Festival, Canada
„The best band I ever played with.” – Steve Hackett, guitarist of Genesis
„We all agree on Djabe playing really good music!” – Mia Hansson, Stockholm Jazz Festival, Sweden
„A really interesting and diverse kind of music.” – Maurycy Meczekalski, Od Nowa Club manager, Poland
„One of the best music can offer, and an excellent job by the producers.” – Brian Dempster, Hollywood International Jazz Festival, USA
„They all pump each other up, inspire one another, to give the best possible performance. There is only one goal, one feeling: the endless love for the music they play. This is Djabe.” – Digitális Házimozi magazin, Hungary

Djabe & Steve Hackett: The Journey Continues

Djabe & Steve Hackett: Castelsardo At Night

Djabe & Steve Hackett: Firth Of Fifth

Djabe & Steve Hackett: Buzzy Island

Djabe & Steve Hackett: Los Endos

Djabe & Steve Hackett: Clouds Dance

Djabe & Steve Hackett: Back To Sardinia

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