Djabe – 20 Dimensions

2016 studio album and double DVD of the band celebrating its 20th Anniversary

Djabe: 20 Dimensions CD

The studio album of 2016 made in the innovative spirit accustomed to Djabe. Compared to the previous album ‘Forward’ recorded in tandem with the Miskolc Symphonic Orcestra ‘20 Dimensions’ emphasize on the acoustic and fusion vein of the band, with added modern electronica. The disc features 20 tracks or dimensions with a framed structure. At the beginning formulates the basics of dimensions, the concept of the album while the final, no. 20 track colligates with a philosophic view and the angle for continuation. Records composed by Tamás Barabás and Attila Égerházi are interconnected by 9 improvisations (Transition 1 to 9). These improvisations feature not only the work of the band members but of Malik Mansurov (tar) and Sára Kovács (didgeridoo, flute). Compositions of Tamás Barabás have the vigorous and sweeping characteristics accustomed to the artist, while those made in tandem with Attila Égerházi summon the lyric tone of the first period of Djabe history.

The final Out of Dimensions, with Atti’s music and the narration of Hans Petersen (also featured in the opening) is somewhat of an ars poetica for Djabe. “If you look far enough and break down your boundaries, you’ll see new close-ups from many aspects. These aspects are dimensions without limits you’ll have to try. The twentieth dimension seems like a conclusion – but after twenty, twenty one is the next.”

As accustomed to Djabe the albums are available in both surround and stereo versions.

The 24 bit/96kHz MLP 5.1, MLP 2.0 tracks are sounding like the original studio recordings. In addition to MLP, DTS 5.1 and PCM 2.0 audio options are also available. The DVD-Audio with the studio recordings is paired with a DVD-Video disc which contains a one hour version of the album premiere concert of April 1, 2016. For extra content the disc contains a collage of tour videos captured on Super8 and features all the Transition tracks as soundtrack for the movie. This film is interesting not just because it gives an opportunity to take a sneak peek into the band’s life behind the scenes but all 9 Transitions can be heard as one continuous track.

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